Why Sell With Us?

 Dedicated Marketplace - our focus is solely on plastic-free party essentials, which means we do not compete with generic Marketplaces, and your products will be found more easily by customers who care about the environment.
 No membership or listing fees - you can list as many party products as you like, free of charge, provided they are plastic-free and meet our criteria. There are no monthly or annual membership fees to pay, just one small commission charge per order placed.
 No transaction fees - we cover the costs associated with transactions through our third party payment provider, so there are no transaction fees for you to pay. You will need to set up an account with them to enable you to receive your funds from orders.
 No minimum sales - there is no set volume of sales you need to reach to stay on the Marketplace.
 No minimum contract - our Seller Agreement simply asks that you give us two weeks’ notice if you wish to leave the Marketplace to make sure orders are fulfilled and monies due to you are paid.
 No withholding of funds - we do not hold on to money due to you in a ‘reserve’ system. Money due to our Sellers from orders is paid out every Monday.
 Secure payments - all payments are processed by Stripe - a Level 1 certified provider, the highest level for payment processors used by well-known brands such as ASOS, Marks & Spencer, and Spotify.
 Your own dedicated online Store - every Seller has their own store where you can share your story with Customers, offer promotions, set up recommended products, and much more. It is quick and easy to set up your store and start selling with us!
 Your own Seller dashboard - we provide every Seller with a comprehensive dashboard facility available 24/7 which enables you to manage orders, communicate with customers, discover how your Store is doing with analytics, and much more.
 Customer Reviews – as part of your Store, Customers who have purchased from you are invited to leave a review, which will help build trust for existing and potential customers.
 UK-based marketplace – we are a small business ourselves, based in the UK and only accept UK Sellers. We understand the importance of small businesses to the UK economy, and have a wonderful Seller community who meet regularly to share good practice, recommendations, and give us feedback on how we’re doing.
If you like what you’ve read, and share our values of supporting people to celebrate in a way that doesn’t cost the earth, we’d love you to join our wait list. Just click the ‘Join the wait list’ link.
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