Plastic-Free Alternatives

There are many alternative materials to manmade plastics which can be used in party products, from burlap and wool felt, to bamboo, corn starch, and palm leaf. We publish a list of the materials we currently accept in products on the Marketplace, which can be downloaded here. Similarly, the list of materials that are not acceptable in products on the Marketplace is available to download here

Whilst our primary concern is to ensure that the Marketplace sells only products which are plastic-free, we are mindful of the wider environmental impact from, for example, manufacturing processes that can occur even from plastic-free materials. We seek to prioritise products which do not harm the planet or any of its inhabitants through manufacturing and/or disposal processes. We encourage Sellers to be transparent in their product information and to give details as to how, for example a product may be Vegan friendly.

A note about bioplastics

Although bioplastics are derived from plant-based  materials, this doesn’t necessarily mean they're good for the planet. There is currently a lack of clarity regarding not just how biodegradable and/or compostable plant-based bioplastics are, but also just how environmentally friendly the manufacturing processes are. At the moment, approximately half of the current bioplastic market is not biodegradable* which leaves us in a difficult position in determining which bioplastics to accept onto the Marketplace in our quest to ensure transparency, so we have decided for the time being that products containing bioplastics will not be accepted on to the Marketplace.

*Science Direct

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