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At Party Without Plastic®  we believe there is a better way to party, and we’re here to help you do just that!

Most celebrations last just a few hours (unless you find yourself at a festival of course!) yet their impact on our planet can last for decades due to so many party products still containing plastics and/or materials which simply sit in landfill and cannot biodegrade.

We knew there was a better way to party that removes the plastic footprint and negative impact on the environment. We imagined a marketplace that could be trusted not to ‘greenwash’, and bring together stylish party essentials all in one place (no more shopping around).  Through imagination, creativity, and sheer hard work, we now have Party Without Plastic®. From tableware and decorations to party bags, favours, games, and even party hire options, everything is plastic-free as well as compostable and/or biodegradable. As if that wasn’t enough, all the products are from UK small businesses, so every sale is not only good for the planet, but also helps individuals and families behind the business.

Company Values

Company values are all well and good, but putting them into action is what really counts. Here are some of our core values and how we show these through our work:

We use a life-cycle assessment to consider the environmental impact of everything sold on our marketplace, from raw materials to manufacturing, recycling, and disposal. This is called environmental stewardship.

We want you to be confident that everything you buy here is genuinely plastic-free and earth friendly. We believe we are the only company that publishes the list of materials we will and won’t accept in products on the marketplace, and our list is continuously checked against ongoing research about existing and new plastic alternatives. This is how transparency works.

We’re not afraid to speak out about ‘greenwashing’ so that customers can make informed choices about their purchases. An example of this is ‘natural latex’ balloons promoted as biodegradable. The latex itself from the Hevea tree can degrade naturally and without harm to the environment, however once pigments and plasticisers are added during the manufacturing process of balloons, the result is a less than 'natural' product that is not fully biodegradable. 

Small is beautiful, and this is never more the case than with our wonderful marketplace sellers who are all UK-based small businesses. Every sale makes a big difference not just to the planet, but to the people and families behind the small business itself.

We want to invest in charitable organisations that look after the planet and its inhabitants, which is why we donate 5% of our annual net profits to The Earth Restoration Service through the Work for Good initiative.


Why shop with Party Without Plastic®?

Stylish party essentials all in one place makes it easier to find what you need quickly and easily. Time saved on shopping is time you can spend sorting the last minute details for your celebration!

An ethical marketplace that supports UK small business, paying them weekly on time, and no withholding of funds.

There’s no ‘greenwashing’ here – transparency and accountability are part of our core values so you can be confident your purchases are genuinely plastic-free and earth-friendly.

We care about product end of life. Even though what we sell is genuinely plastic-free and earth friendly, we still want to keep everything in the circular economy as much as possible. An exciting new addition to the marketplace to support this will be coming soon.

We’re here to disrupt the party supplies industry, and become the most effective, trusted marketplace that delivers the biggest possible impact in reducing waste, and eliminating plastic waste associated with celebrations. If you:

  • Care about the environment and want to do more to help;
  • Are looking for sustainable, earth friendly party supplies;
  • Prefer to support small business rather than large, corporate brands;
  • Love to celebrate and enjoy gorgeous décor;

What are you waiting for? It’s time to shop with purpose at Party Without Plastic® today!


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