Our Values in Action

We envision a world where celebrations and gatherings are not only joyous occasions, but also environmentally responsible. Our vision is to lead the way with a party essentials Marketplace containing only plastic-free products, transforming the convenience culture of celebrations into an easy, ethical choice for everyone - revolutionising the way we celebrate, one event at a time. We are committed to:

Environmental Stewardship – A future where party essentials, from decorations and tableware to party bags and gift wrap, no longer contribute to plastic waste in landfills and oceans. Our vision is to reduce and eventually eliminate the party industry’s plastic’s footprint. This also includes the packaging materials sent out by Sellers on our Marketplace. We use a Life-Cycle Assessment process to consider the environmental impacts associated with the life of a product sold on the Marketplace, from raw materials to manufacturing and usefulness, through to recycling and disposal.

Transparency and Clarity – We want our Customers to be confident in the purchases they make regarding the authenticity and provenance of materials used in Products listed on the Marketplace. Whilst our primary concern is to ensure that the Marketplace only sells Products which are genuinely plastic-free, we are mindful of the wider environmental impact from, for example, manufacturing processes that can occur even from plastic-free materials. An example of this is 'natural latex' balloons often promoted as 'biodegradable' and 'plastic-free', however only the latex itself from the Hevea tree can degrade naturally and without harm to the environment. To create the colours and patterns for a balloon, and to make the natural latex less brittle, chemicals, dyes, and plasticisers are added during the manufacturing process resulting in a far less than 'natural' and fully biodegradable product. We seek to prioritise Products which do not damage the planet or any of its inhabitants through manufacturing and/or disposal processes. Information about the materials we will and will not accept is published online and continuously reviewed in line with ongoing research about existing and new plastic-alternative materials.

Sustainable Celebrations – We believe that every event can be a celebration of life without harming the planet. Our Marketplace provides a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and/or compostable party supplies form UK small businesses which allow everyone to make their celebration unique and memorable for all the right reasons.

Championing small business – All Sellers on the Marketplace are small businesses based in the UK, so every purchase makes a big difference not just to the planet, but to the people and families behind the small business itself.

Inspiration for Change – Our vision extends beyond the Marketplace, as we aim to inspire and inform our Customers and those in our supply chain about the importance of reducing plastic waste. We envision a community who through their active choices, can drive positive change.

Innovation and Creativity – Innovation is a cornerstone of our vision as we strive to continually seek out and introduce innovative, eco-friendly party supplies that not only meet but exceed our Customers’ expectations.

Collaboration and Impact – We seek to collaborate and partner with like-minded organisations and individuals who share our passion and commitment to plastic-free celebrations. We can achieve so much more by working together, not just for the planet, but also supporting the UK small business community to thrive.

Purposeful - We want to invest in charitable organisations that look after the planet and its inhabitants, which is why we donate 5% of our annual net profits to The Earth Restoration Service through the Work for Good initiative.

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